Friday, June 11, 2010


OK, so I have a huge list of projects that need done by Christmas, and only 3 of them are gifts. And one of those is already complete save for weaving in the ends. (the bane of my existence. lol)

So basically just a place to put my list for reference.

Pikachu afghan for Nick
Blaziken afghan for Kaileb (own chart and design)
Raider's afghan for Brian (own chart and design)
Christmas tree skirt
My stocking
Brian stocking
Kaileb stocking
Nick stocking

Nick's afghan is the one that just needs the ends weaved in and I started with my stocking so I could get any kinks worked out on my own. I only have a little of the gusset and the toe to finish. I love this pattern, It's a really quick knit. If I solidly worked on them I could have them done in less than 2 days a piece.

So I've got a little over 6 months to get them done. The downside is the boys are going to be here tomorrow and I can't work on their afghans while they are here, so I can't start the Blaziken afghan until after they leave in August. But that leaves Brian's afghan I can work on while he's at work (once he goes back to work that is, he's off for at least another 2 weeks) And all the general Christmas stuff because none of that is a surprise. We just need them. Right now our stockings and tree skirt both are that really cheesy felt type stuff.

Well, TTFN