Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Beginning

Well, I've decided to make several life changes. Not exactly a New Years resolution it just happens to coincide with the timing. My biggest goal this year is to lose weight right now I weigh 322 pounds and that's after losing 9 pounds. We are going to be going to Disney World this Christmas and I want to be able to enjoy the full experience, all the rides and walking around all day without being miserable and letting the boys down. On top of that it's just important to get healthy. The other goal I have for the year that is a general goal for both my husband and myself is to be able to buy a house, which means cutting down on all unnecessary spending and saving as much as possible. There's a possibility we could be moving across the country in a couple months and it would be nice to be able to move and move into our own house instead of an apartment. My main reason for writing this blog is to have some accountability. So everyday I will be writing how much I eat and how much I exercise and if I've done any shopping. So anyway, that's enough for today.

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